Copier and Printer FAQs

Our staff has been considering all of the inquiries we’ve received about copiers and printers throughout the past year. We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and addressed them below.

Is my printer Wi-Fi compatible?

Most of our machines are now Wi-Fi capable. You can check if your machine is compatible by double-checking the model’s specifications that you purchased. All features and facilities will either be in the printer handbook or mentioned online on our website. Another way to see if your machine has Wi-Fi is to look at its name–if it has a ‘W’ in the title (ex. Dell E310DW), then it means that there should be Wi-Fi capabilities.

Why are there dots on my page when I print?

If you’re seeing tiny black dots on the pages printed from your home printer, it’s time to give the machine a good cleaning. Over time, paper dust and other materials can degrade the surface of the drum inside your printer. This toner buildup causes those telltale black spots on your otherwise perfect printouts.

Will my operating system support this printer?

Some operating systems, particularly older or antiquated versions, may not be compatible with your new equipment. Printers typically last about three years before they must be replaced. This is, of course, contingent on how much you use the printer. However, this implies that modern machines are less likely to support ancient operating systems. The easiest method to determine whether your operating system is supported is to check the specs of your printer. All of this information will be available to discover on our website or in the printer handbook either online or in hard copy form.

How do I choose my printer?

We usually suggest that you choose a printer based on the amount and frequency of output. In basic terms, if you produce a lot of papers on a regular basis, it would be more cost-effective to buy in bulk and use a heavier-duty printer.

On the other hand, if you only need to print lower volumes on occassion, then a smaller and more affordable machine will work great. All printers come with what’s called a ‘duty cycle’, which refers to the monthly volume it can handle. Keep this in mind when buying your printer so you don’t end up getting one that doesn’t suit your needs.

Does my printer come with a USB cable?

Your printer will not always include a USB cable as standard. However, if you believe your printer should have one but it isn’t included in the package, please notify us. We’ll happily replace any missing pieces, and on our product page, you have the option to purchase a USB cable.

Whether you know the printer you want or still have more questions, we can help you find the best printer for the job. Contact J & B Business Copiers today for more information about how we can help you and your business.