Your New Job Requires Upgraded Office Equipment from J & B Business Copiers

Congratulations on your new job!  You have been negotiating this career transition for close to a year.  The advantages for your new company are great and so are the rewards for you.  You tribute much of your success in recent years to the ability to work remotely via the Cloud printing available with Ricoh’s HotSpot Mobil Technology while you go from meeting to meeting, coast to coast, and travel around the world.

Ricoh is a pioneer in mobile print technology making it possible to use cloud-based business tools whether you are in your office or not.  You do not have to be connected to the same network or install software to communicate with your Tablet, smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Android, or BlackBerry.  You can send and receive emails, reports, and even print though the HotSpot.

After your last meeting with the owner, the contracts were delivered to you special delivery and were signed and returned immediately.  Two weeks before your start date, you received a call from the operations director asking you about the office equipment you would need.  You told them that to take productivity to the highest level, call J & B Business Copiers and ask them about the Ricoh HotSpot.  They know what businesses in Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, and Nassau County need.

Your experience brought you here and J & B Business Copiers will help you to maintain your reputation and high standard of performance.  Nothing wrong with a corner office and wrap around windows to go with your new Ricoh office equipment that enables the Hot Spot Mobil Technology available from the experts at J & B Business Copiers serving satisfied customers in Nassau County, Brooklyn, Queens, and Suffolk County.

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