What to Look for When Buying a Color Copier

Purchasing a color copier for your business is a significant business investment. Color copiers are not cheap and can last from seven to 10 years. That’s why it is important to know exactly what to look for when you are purchasing a color copier. Here are the main things you should look for:

Image Quality

When purchasing a color copier, the image quality is an important factor to consider. If your business relies on high resolution content, then opting for a machine with higher resolution copier would be in your best interest. However, if your business rarely uses graphics, but still require color documents, then a copier with moderate resolution will serve your needs with no problems.

Production Capacity

If your current copier can’t keep up with the demands of your employees, then investing in a printer with a high production capacity might be in your best interest. For medium to large companies, we recommend a copier machine that can handle up to 100,000 copies a month at 35 – 45 pages per minute. However, if your business doesn’t require that many copies, then a smaller model would be more suitable.

Bonus Features

Certain models of copiers come with additional features that make them more suited for different purposes. The most common features include energy-saver mode, which reduces the energy costs and finishers that add finishes to your prints like staples, pouches and folds. If your business produces booklets or pamphlets, then having the option to make these processes automated can save valuable time.

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