Ways to Go Green in Your Office

Many NYC business owners are looking for new ways to be more environmentally responsible. There are many ways that you can go green in your office while keeping your business running smoothly. Whether you are operating out of East Hampton, South Hampton, Bronx or Queens, you can change the way you do business enough to make an impact on the environment. Using Ricoh copiers in Brooklyn to create double sided copies is one way to accomplish the goal. This will allow you to get the job done while using the least amount of paper in the process.


Another idea is to make sure that you use recycled paper when making your copies. This can provide you with excellent looking copies while using products that have been used more than one time. This is also true for toner and ink that you use in your copy machine. You can purchase recycled or refilled copy toner cartridges for your machine that give you high quality results while using supplies more than one time. When you have finished with your copier toner you can take advantage of local recycle center drop offs to recycle your old toner bins.


You might consider using old paper for scrap in your office as well. This is a good way to keep from buying paper and giving your old paper new life. Make sure that others in the office are also working to recycle by placing recycle bins throughout the office. These can collect paper, cans and glass to be picked up by a company that supplies those services. Get everyone on board with the going green attitude and still stay productive. Make it easy for everyone to participate without making major changes to how you do business. Look at all the options and see which fit into your office best.