Two Common Printer Problems

When you need to meet a deadline, printer problems need to be the least of your worries. In a busy environment where everyone is busy with their share of responsibilities, the task of detecting printer issues takes a backseat. However, you will certainly not want to end up with printer issues at a critical point of time. So when you use your printer, periodically check for problems with your printer, which will help you make a repair or replacement decision to avoid troubles in the future. Two of the most common problems with printers are paper jams and printing different colors than you anticipated.

Paper Jams

This is a common problem that may strike at the worst times. This is mainly caused by dust collection that clogs the machine. You can get your printer cleaned by a professional or attempt to clean it yourself to prevent paper jams.

Different Color Tones

There may be instances when you will find that the fonts are appearing too dark or too light. Reset the density levels. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to consider replacing your printer’s drum. If you see spots appearing randomly on final copies, you may suspect a drum defect. A drum replacement is the solution in this regard.

The decision to repair or replace your office printer depends on several factors. Consider the age and capabilities of your existing printer model. Printers are constantly evolving and a new model may feature capabilities that you need to address an emerging business need. In such a case, it is worth investing in a new office printer and this will translate into efficiency and productivity in the long-run. Each organization has its own unique business needs and print requirements. By assessing your print requirements and determining your budget, you can make a choice between repair and replacement.