The Importance of Office Copier Maintenance

A broken office copier hurts office productivity and even prevent work from being done. Not only does a broken copier hinder productivity, if there are time-sensitive documents that need to be processed, it could hurt the company as a whole.

Similar to cars, office copiers are complex machinery that require routine maintenance to maintain optimal performance. Even with proper usage, parts wear out overtime, causing your copier to require maintenance. Also similar to vehicles, office copiers require scheduled maintenance, which is why you need a reliable service partner to ensure that a broken copier won’t be the end of a workday.

Minimal maintenance can be done to help your copier run smoothly between scheduled service:

Dust the copier at least once a month

Clean the copier glass regularly.

Keep liquids away from copier to avoid spills

Call your IT staff or your maintenance partner if there are regular issues.

Why you need a maintenance partner

Whether it’s an accident or general wear and tear, it’s a good idea to have a trusted maintenance partner to rely on. Having an established relationship with your partner will ensure that your copier is up to date on repairs and that a technician will be dispatched to repair your equipment within hours. A repair partner with a high percentage of first call resolution (fix the problem with the copier on the first visit) will save you money on subsequent repairs and ensure the resolution of common issues.

Whether you are in need of emergency copier repair or a reliable maintenance partner, contact J & B Business Copiers for all your office equipment needs in Long Island. We can help you upgrade your office equipment for greater efficiency and effectiveness.