Signs that Your Office Copier May Need Service

A typical business office will have many expenditures during the course of the month. Spending money is necessary in order to keep the office running in a smooth fashion. Items such as office furniture, break room materials, and other miscellaneous areas all will play a role in the expenditures. One area that also can be an expense would be the proper maintenance and servicing of office copiers. Copiers can and do break down. It doesn’t matter which brand either. They could be New York copiers, Long Island copiers, Ricoh copiers, or even Savin Copiers; but rest assured, they will break down. Because an office copier is an important tool that helps a company run smoothly, here are some signs that you might need a copier service to come look at your copier.

1.The paper has double images on it. 

If there are double images on the paper, then that is definitely a red flag. But if a copier is printing double images, then don’t panic. Sometimes double images can occur from a copier simply because the wrong type of paper is being used with it. Sometimes double images can occur when your equipment is dirty as well. If you are seeing double images from your copies, then give us a call and we will help you troubleshoot.

2. The copier only prints pages that are all white. 

Once again, we can help you troubleshoot this issue. If your copier will only print all white pages, it could mean that you have a clogged ink nozzle, a low power source, or a glass scanner glass that is dirty. Alternately, check to make sure that you are printing the right side of the page just in case.

3. The copier prints pages that are all black. 

There are a number of reasons why a copier will print all black pages. Usually the experienced copy machine repair technician will cite defective problems as the main reason for this malfunction. In this case, a copier could have poor toner cartridge solutions, a defective high voltage electrical supply, or a DC controller PCA module that is on its way out.

Finally, consider the fact that there are situations where it would be best to replace the copier entirely. First of all, if you are exceeding the duty cycle by printing too many copies then you probably should consider upgrading your machine. Secondly, if your copier is over five years old it might be time to consider replacing it.