Painless Tips to Enhance Productivity in Your Office

The notion that time is money is one of the first things we’re taught in business school. Unfortunately, the idea of productivity can often get lost in the daily shuffle of meeting deadlines and managing employees. Don’t put off adjusting your productivity plan for another year. Cultivating a smart productivity strategy can help business owners and managers in the Long Island area increase output and save money while enhancing the happiness of customers and employees. A few small changes around the office can add up to some pretty stunning results for your bottom line. Take the first step by following these four painless tips for increasing productivity around the office.

Add Some Plants to the Office Landscape
A little greenery can go a long way in helping your company thrive. Some studies show that plants help to increase productivity and concentration in workers. Plants also have an extraordinary ability to filter toxins from the air. Adding some plants to key areas around your office will have your employees enjoying brighter moods and breathing in cleaner air. Of course, healthier air in your office may also result in fewer hours of productivity being lost due to employee sick days.

Adjust the Thermostat
Are you keeping your office at the right temperature for productivity? Setting the thermostat just a few degrees higher can cause productivity to jump. Many office managers believe that keeping the thermostat low is an easy way to keep costs down during winter. However, doing so many actually cost more in the long run due to decreased productivity levels. Recent studies suggest that keeping the temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit can reduce typing errors and significantly increase output among office workers.

Multiply Productivity with Efficient Copiers
Imagine all the hours that are wasted by employees standing around waiting for jammed copiers to print out monthly reports and presentation materials. Of course, the cost of wasted ink and toner from malfunctioning machines is enough to give any manager a headache. Has it been a while since you’ve checked up on the latest and best options for copier sales Long Island businesses are utilizing? Having an efficient copier could save hours of productivity from being wasted. Since technology moves quickly, it’s important to consult with a vendor that handles copier sales Long Island to have your printing technology assessed at least once a year.

Choose Colors for Success
Productivity just might start with a paintbrush. Did you know that the color of a room can stimulate productivity and creativity? Give your office walls a makeover using bold colors if you want to keep your employees energized and alert. Opt for muted colors if you want to keep the mood quiet and subdued. Blue is said to aid concentration. Yellow can enhance creativity and mood. Red is a great color to paint conference rooms since it stimulates the human pulse and gets people feeling ready to participate.