J & B Business Copiers Understands The Needs of Lawyers

J & B Business Copiers has many attorney clients who need to keep track of the copies and prints made for corporate clients. J & B Business Copiers understands that contingency lawyers don’t get paid unless their client wins or settles. We know lawyers make multiple sets of depositions for distribution to all concerned parties in a lawsuit. You have a vested interest in keeping costs to a minimum without sacrificing the image quality required to attract and keep clients. Producing legal briefs and court documents is only half the battle. Often, the initiation of any legal action is accompanied by an avalanche of materials used for evidence that must be organized and examined by legal staff to determine viability and relativity to the immediate conscern. There are disclosure issues that must be balanced against attorney-client privilege rights, so security is always a priority in any law firm.

Both J & B Business Copiers and Ricoh understand these issues and offers a scalable product line with the image quality, document management, and security features lawyers need to deliver outstanding service to every client – with the lowest possible total cost of ownership so you can maximize your law firm’s profitability under any business model. Plus, every Ricoh solution includes a One Year Warranty.

J & B Business Copiers proud to assist our valued Long Island attorney clientelle with a variety of document solutions. Many of the attorneys we work with are members of the Suffolk County Bar Association. Here is a link to the association: http://www.scba.org/eva/index.php.

We travel to many Eastern Long Island / Suffolk County towns such as: Melville, Farmingdale, Huntington, Ronkonkoma, Hauppauge, and Patchogue.