How to Prevent Copier Malfunctions

Copier malfunctions and paper jams are a busy office’s worst nightmare. When it comes to dealing with paper jams, prevention is the best tactic. Here are some simple tactics to help you prevent paper jams and keep your copier running at maximum efficiency:

1. Keep food and drinks away

Not only will food and drinks leave crumbs and stains all over your office copier, but spilled drinks in the internals of your copier can completely destroy  it, leading to a costly repair or replacement. So leave your bagel and coffee at your desk when using the office copier.

2. Put the paper in the right way.

Believe it or not, there is a right way to put a paper in a copier. When putting paper into your copier look for the arrow on a ream of paper to see the direction it should be facing. Fan the paper to reduce static.

3. Don’t overfill

While you might be tempted to overstock your paper tray, this can lead to more paper jams. Not to mention paper will absorb water over time, making it more likely to jam. The best part to avoid this is to fill your tray with how much paper you think you will need for the day.

4. Remove “extras”

This is one of the main causes of a paper jam. Before you add a stack of documents to the feeder, make sure to remove paper clips, staples, post-its and anything else that can get caught or stuck inside the copier.

5. Keep your copier clean

A dirty copier is not only inefficient, but it is more prone to jamming as well. Debris on the rollers can prevent them from gripping the paper and dirt and smudges on the glass can cause imperfections on copies and scans.

To learn more about the importance of office copier maintenance, check out our guide here.

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