Get Out of a Jam Fast with Help from J & B Business Copiers

We at J & B Business Copiers in Melville, New York have been proud to stand behind you and your office equipment for twenty years to help with new machines, repairs, or supplies.  Here are some great tips to help you increase the life of your copier and keep yourself from getting into a jam!

-Let your copy machine go to ‘sleep’ instead of turning it off.  This helps to prevent paper jams by keeping your loaded paper supply dry.

-Don’t leave toner residue hanging around.  When you see excess toner on your machine, a simple cotton ball and a little alcohol will wipe it away.

-Keep the glass clean with regular glass cleanser and wipe dry with paper towels.  While you’re at it, wipe the outside of the machine as well.

-Don’t let dust build up on the inside or outside of your machine to help eliminate the possibility of overheating.  You can vacuum the filters, fans, and around the machine, but use a small paint brush to clear dust away inside the copier.

These are only a few ways to help protect the costly investment of your office machines.  J & B Business Copiers in Melville, New York provides maintenance and service for all major brands of office equipment and carries a variety of new machines and supplies.   The trained professionals at J & B Business Copiers have been serving the Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau County, and Suffolk County areas since 1994.

Unless you want to start copying those documents by hand, take care of your copier.  When you call the pros at J & B Business Copiers, you can consider your office machine problems solved.  Ask us about regular maintenance programs.  Have a jam-free day!

The office machine specialists.