Copy Machine Tips & Trivia from J & B Business Copiers – Knowledge is Power!

Behind every great person is a great copier.  It’s been over 600 years since the printing press came into use with movable type, ink, and a pressure press for transferring that ink onto paper…one slow page at a time, but that was progress in its time.  We’ve come a very long way to the modern copy machine with plastic-based toner, electrostatic charges, and heat transfer.  The goal is to recreate the document.  Here are some fun facts about the copy equipment we use today.

–        Never, ever sit on your copier!  The glass could break and the machine casing can break.  Over 20% of service calls placed for broken copiers are due to this mistake in judgment.

–        Scanning originals into digital copiers can mean a potential breach of privacy of sensitive or confidential information.  Clean your copier after use because over 60% of all used copiers have remaining information on them.

–        Modern copiers use toner to duplicate the image, which is a mixture of wax, pigment, rust, and plastic granules.  A photosensitive drum attracts the granules that have accepted a photo static charge and seals the toner to the paper via heat processing.

–        Printers that use ink, transfer it to the paper through jetted pulse sequences.

The bottom line is that copying is faster and more efficient than ever before.  In fact, the fastest machine – the Riso ORPHIS X9050 can make more than 150 copies a minute.  Larger commercial copiers can print more than 300 a minute.

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